“Success In 10 Steps” – Almost A Marketing Mistake

Did you know there’s no saltwater in saltwater taffy?

Taffy has actually been around for nearly 1000 years, which is pretty amazing. In Atlantic City, back in the 1880s, a lot of shops sprang up when they first put up the boardwalk. One guy sold several things in his shop, including taffy.

One day, the ocean arrived and inundated his shop. After the water receded, he surveyed the damage. Lots of stuff was ruined. But the taffy tasted fine. In a moment of marketing genius, he decided to call it “saltwater taffy.”

A lot of great marketing can happen by accident. The “Success In 10 Steps” ebook by Michael Dlouhy, so popular to so many MLMers now, was originally titled “The 10 Biggest MLM Marketing Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them.”

Many of the ideas were the same as in the final book, but the big focus was different. As Michael & I talked about the book, I realized that the focus really needed to change. The 10 biggest MLM marketing mistakes was a good idea, but not for THIS book. So the title became “Success In 10 Steps.”

Aren’t you glad? That other much longer title would be much more of a challenge to get into your ads.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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2 thoughts on ““Success In 10 Steps” – Almost A Marketing Mistake”

  1. Richard, I like the story about the taffy. I never heard that before.
    And about the title of the book, fitting that title in an ad, might be difficult.
    Fitting that title in your mindset may be more difficult.

    Thanks for the history lesson.

    Gary McElwain

  2. Gary,

    The funny thing is, I was working on something else when Cheryl came and sat down next to me to read a couple paragraphs from her favorite magazine, “Martha Stewart Living.”

    What she read was the story of the saltwater taffy guy. She thought it was a good story. I think it’s a great story. Good example of how so many things can be used as the basis for a short article.



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