Up To Your Elbows In Diamonds

It may sound strange, but it’s very, very difficult to find actual, honest-to-goodness duplication in network marketing. Most of the time, duplication goes exactly 1 level down. Why? Because the system being used is not duplicatable. People think it will be, but the proof is in the pudding. Usually, it just does not work.

Using the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook by Michael Dlouhy in our team, Michael sponsored Don. Don sponsored Paula. Paula sponsored Judi. Judi sponsored Sarah. Sarah sponsored Marilyn. They all sponsored a lot of other people too, using the ebook, but you should focus on THIS amazing leg for 1 important reason: they all made Diamond, a very high achievement (and well-rewarded and recognized) level in our company!

I’ve been in a lot of MLM companies over the years. I started in 1976. My buddy Michael Dlouhy started a couple years later, so we have a lot of experience between us. And yet, neither of us has ever seen duplication anything like this.

If you truly want to build a successful MLM business with ANY company, I feel pretty safe in saying you won’t find a better system to use. And that probably includes the rest of your life after today, too. Considering past performance of other systems, I doubt anybody will ever come up with a better system.

Most people who start in network marketing do not have a system that duplicates. Chances of success in that situation are pretty close to zero. “Success In 10 Steps” can make all the difference in your mlm future.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
Big MLM Lies

3 thoughts on “Up To Your Elbows In Diamonds”

  1. A great demonstration of the power of duplication in a network marketing team.
    I guess the power of a duplicatable system is unmatched in building a successful
    team in your network marketing business.

    Gary McElwain

  2. A myriad of MLM companies praise and publicize loudly that they provide their distributors with a “system” for success. The two words they conveniently omit are “Proven” and “Duplicatable”!

    “Success In 10 Steps” has made an immeasurable difference in my network marketing business.

    Melanie Kissell

  3. Gary & Melanie,

    The problem people have is there are so many options … dozens … hundreds … really, thousands … and it gets so confusing and how do you ever decide what – if anything – to focus on. To me, the idea of “6 Diamonds Deep” cuts through everything and gives you your answer of where to focus. “Success In 10 Steps” is your absolute best MLM bet.


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