The ONLY Learning That Matters!

In school, they never taught us HOW to Think.

They taught us how to read, write, do math, and collect, organize and analyze data.

They taught us history, as it is spun by those who wrote its books.

But they didn’t teach us how to think for ourselves –
how to discover our own TRUTH.

They taught us WHAT to think.
If we knew HOW to think critically for ourselves, we
might become a challenge for those who want to control
us, to bind us in mental slavery.
To be FREE, to truly OWN our lives, we must learn and
understand the power we have within, and how to control
and utilize our valuable tool and asset – our MINDS.
More than 80 years ago Napoleon Hill wrote a manual and
handbook for the powerful human mind – Think and Grow
Thousands of people have read the book, but most read
it the way they were taught in school – and completely
missed its lessons and secrets.
Hiil and his publishers instructed us to read the book
repeatedly, and form a study group – to benefit from
the points of view of others and utilize the Power of
While there are many such study groups around the
world, including webinars, most of them are led by one
or a few individuals who present their brilliant
insights to the groups.
The problem with the groups is that, in order to
discover the lessons and secrets, You must engage and
actively PARTICIPATE in the discussion.
I know of only one group who not only permits, but
actually begs, its members to Participate.
The Mentoring For Free Mastermind group enables all its
members to add their written and verbal insights to the
discussion – for the benefit of all.
Its Think and Grow Rich Lessons program charges no
tuition, nor any other fees, and explores one chapter
in depth every week. They have been doing so for more
than 12 years.
I greatly appreciate the thousands of folks who have
added value to this group over the years.
Your Friend and Servant,
Ken Klemm

P.S. “Truth cannot be bought,
It cannot be taught;
Truth must be discovered.”

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