MLM Legend


Michael & I created “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy in 2004. We had certain goals in mind in writing the ebook … which have been far exceeded. STS, as we lovingly call it, has become a network marketing legend.

I first found MLM in 1976. I’ve heard a ton of talk about “duplication” over the years. That means, you figure out a way that works to build your business, and you train a lot of others to do the exact same thing. Unfortunately, there’s very little actual duplication in network marketing.

But “Success In 10 Steps” changes all that, and that is its greatest achievement. When you advertise this ebook, you target your absolute best leads (current frustrated MLMers). And just by their very act of downloading and reading your ebook, you have demonstrated to them that your system works. It’s truly magical.

In these pages, you’ll learn a lot of useful tips & techniques from many people who’ve built successful businesses with “Success In 10 Steps”. If you dream of building a huge, profitable MLM business, I think you’ll find this information very useful.

Richard Dennis