Richard Dennis

It’s painful trying to title and then write a page about yourself. When in doubt, keep it simple. Here’s “about me”:

  • I live in Monticello, FL, in “the only Florida county without a single stoplight”. (They’re pretty proud of that here.)
  • Married to Cheryl 35 years; father of 4; grandfather of 5 (Yikes! Can great-grandfather be far behind?)
  • Discovered network marketing in a hotel conference room on Brickell Avenue in Miami in 1976.
  • Drove a bus in Miami & Miami Beach for 16 years.
  • Failed many times with many different MLM companies. Finally had success in 1993.
  • Titled & introduced the audiotape “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie!”, the standard against which all other MLM promotions are measured. Over time, a quarter-BILLION of these tapes were sold. If you got 100 of these audiotapes in the mail, blame me.
  • Retired from bus driving in 1994.
  • Worked with Michael Dlouhy to write “Success In 10 Steps” in 2004.
  • Wrote the book “Evil Medicine” in 2005.
  • Worked with Michael Dlouhy to write “Powerful Networking Secrets” in 2005.
  • To be painfully truthful, those close to me say my singing voice isn’t nearly as good as I think it is.
  • I currently work closely with my team to help others learn to build their MLM business using “Success In 10 Steps.”

No telling what else may get added …

11 thoughts on “Richard Dennis”

  1. I think the candor that you and Michael display is what drew me into MFF. The so called gurus will not talk about their failures and successes in such a way. They present themselves as people whom gone from rags to riches and they have nothing to back up their claims. Nice to know that there are a few honest people left in this world who know how to network market.

  2. Hello Mr. Dennis, I listen to you on the mastermind calls and you are very real & honest. I was wondering if you could send me a a copy of "evil medicine" and/or "dead doctors don't lie" ? I have worked in the nursing field for 10 years and these doctors are literally pumping so much medicine in people it's depressing. I told myself I have to help educate people about being their own health advocate.

  3. Hi Richard Would you please send me a copy of your book "Evil Medicine." I would appreciate it very much.

    You are very knowledgeable on a lot of subjects, I look forward to learning a lot more from you.

  4. Hi Dennis, I really enjoy your anecdotes (SP) and stories on the MFF Sat trainings. I already have a copy of Success in Ten Steps and would really enjoy a copy of "Evil Medicine" and will also continue to participate in the Sat calls. Thanks.

  5. Hi Dennis, I have enjoyed your contributions on marketing. I am asking you the following question because of it. I believe I signed up for a monthly account a few weeks back. I think it is for setting up a squeeze page for the 10steps book. I have been tied up creating a website for web presence and haven't followed through. Can you lead me through the steps I need to take? Thank you. Sincerely Leigh Gresham

  6. I have ready your book, 10 Steps to Success and am listeneing to your audio as refered to me by Steven Dragoo. WOndered if you have any thought on Boresha International

    Thank you
    Kelly Stewart

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