Hannibal The Cannibal and Network Marketing


I know we’ve all, at one time or another, experienced a snake or two in the upline. But where else, other than on page 20 of Success In 10 Stepsby Michael Dlouhy, will you ever see Hannibal The Cannibal connected to network marketing?

The purpose of any headline or subhead is to force the reader to keep reading … to ensure that they cannot put your piece down. And that’s how we get to the section, “Hannibal Lechter Missed His Calling.”

So if you want to keep people reading, you have to get their attention. Hannibal Lechter got a lot of attention in Silence of the Lambs because he had his friends for dinner … along with a nice chablis.

It’s pretty difficult for any onlooker not to at least take a glance at THAT train wreck!

I don’t recall exactly how I got there, but I was thinking, “I want subheads that will be riveting, that will be almost impossible to just gloss over without going to look and see exactly what it’s all about.”

So I thought of some names to insert … and I hit on Hannibal Lechter. How could anyone see the name “Hannibal Lechter” in this book and not feel forced to see how on earth Hannibal the Cannibal has anything to do with network marketing?”

So there was no rhyme or reason other than putting in a name that would rivet attention. And that’s why “Hannibal Lechter missed his calling” is one of the subheads in Success In 10 Steps.

I do not know how effective that subhead has been, but the book has certainly worked well, so I’ll assume Hannibal has done his job.

And I know for sure that YOU can creatively invoke Hannibal Lechter when you talk with a prospect. I guarantee you that nobody they’ve ever talked to before has connected Hannibal with network marketing. You will definitely create an unforgettable impression.

Richard Dennis

3 thoughts on “Hannibal The Cannibal and Network Marketing”

  1. Richard

    I thought the use of Hannibal Lechter in the ebook Success in 10 Steps was a great teaser to pull me in to the chapter.
    After learning about the personality colors and how Hannibal fit in it made sense.

    And the picture of the snake is a great symbol for the Hannibal Lechters of network marketing. I look forward to reading more from you.

    Gary McElwain

  2. I think it was all of the weird and twisted notions like Hannibal Lechter and Saddam Hussein Meets Dr. Phil that would pull in all 4 of the personality colors. I’m a blue and I’ve never fell for reading an ebook until I stumbled upon “Success in 10 Steps.” In fact, the moment I saw some of the titles, I said to myself “either this guy is a few cards short of a full deck, or he’s definitely on to something.” After reading just the first part of the book I was completely sold. Now I’ve read the book “Acres of Diamonds” and and currently going over “Think & Grow Rich” All because of hannibal the cannibal.

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