How To Write Effective Ads To Generate MLM Leads

Take a look at the index for the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook by Michael Dlouhy. You will see 93 – count ’em! – 93 bullets under the 10 chapter headings.

The purpose of every one of these bullets is to give you an idea for the first sentence of a classified ad designed to get the reader to download the ebook. Every single bullet has some element in it that might arouse a prospect’s curiousity – and YOU have the ability to make these bullets even more effective.

When you advertise your ebook to get leads, go over the Index. Read all the bullet points and see if one or two really grab your attention. Jot down a short list of keywords – e.g., leads, prospects, extra income, money from home, etc. – and read down the list of Index bullets.

What NEW ideas do you come up with for headlines or classified ads? What nugget can you get out there that would really get someone’s attention and draw them in?

I’ve never seen any other book or ebook in network marketing written like this … to include all these possible ad wording ideas for you. You are certainly free to come up with your own ads. But as you play around with the “Success In 10 Steps” index, you might discover a real winner that rivets people’s attention and gets you the ebook downloads you want.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
Big MLM Truths