Really Good MLM Leads – What’s Wrong With Friends & Family?

OK. Good question. Here’s the thing.

Like any other business, over 90% of everybody fails. You and your friends & family are no different. And when your friends & family fail, WHO are they going to blame?

(You should now have your hand raised.)

Once you have your business working and cranking out leads and paychecks, THEN I am 100% in favor of talking to friends & family. In fact, you won’t have to call them – they will hear the good news, and they will call you. They will want you to tell them how you did it. And then you can teach them exactly how you used “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy to find the strongest leads in the business to build your network marketing income.

So don’t join the NFL (No Friends Left) club. You can use “Success In 10 Steps” and get good training and get good at building your business. Make your mistakes with the people you don’t know. THEN turn around and pick up your friends & family.

That will result in a much happier Thanksgiving dinner family gathering, I can assure you.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
Big MLM Secrets