Will Michael Dlouhy’s System Work a Year From Now?

Everything changes. Who knows if the “Success In 10 Steps” prospect recruiting system will work a year from now?

But what I do know is … it worked 4 years ago, when we first offered it.

  • And 3 years ago.
  • And 2 years ago.
  • And last year.

And it sure works now.

Absolutely, things will change. Unfortunately, neither you nor I know for sure exactly WHAT will change. When you’re looking for a productive MLM lead generation system, your best bet is to look at what has worked well in the past, and decide what principles are important to you in a leads system.

Personally, I think a system that targets “frustrated MLMers” has a good chance to be eternal. Having been in this business for over 30 years, I can’t imagine a world where there aren’t a ton of frustrated MLMers looking for a solution to their problems. And trust me, that is one VERY hot market.

Plus, of course, it is the exact market targeted by “Success In 10 Steps.

For sure, there are other network marketing principles that are eternal, that could be used as the basis for choosing a lead generation system. I’d love some help with my marketing … what network marketing principle or idea is the MOST real to you? Please leave a comment below.

Richard Dennis
Big MLM Secrets

2 thoughts on “Will Michael Dlouhy’s System Work a Year From Now?”

  1. I personally am very Thankful for the ebook “Success in 10 Steps”
    and the great information it provides. Since there are no links to any kind of company or product, That makes it more valuable for the long haul. With the state of the internet constantly changing, I believe there will only be more frustrated MLMer’s
    who need this book.

    Gary McElwain

  2. Gary,

    Yes, ironic as it sounds, companies who produce frustrated network marketing reps are consistently creating our best leads.


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