MLM Frustration Is The Secret to YOUR Success

One of the great advertising innovations that has come with the internet is Google Adwords. Adwords allows you to quickly get results from an ad, often in just a few hours’ time. Then you can run a second ad against your first ad, and compare results. Then you choose the better performer and run it against a new ad. Repeat this process over and over, and you consistently get better results. This is the absolute ideal for any advertiser who understands the game. It means you can be constantly improving.

Before Adwords, this process only worked offline and it took months. Adwords really cuts the time.

A lot of people find phrases and keywords that are much more effective than they ever dreamed by using this process. One very effective MLM keyword may not be a surprise, but it definitely gets people to act. And that word is:


A big reason for the effectiveness of “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy is THAT keyword. The ebook answers the questions of frustrated network marketers … who REALLY want their questions answered. It’s eating away at them, why they just haven’t made it big. They are so darned … FRUSTRATED!!!!

I recommend you use that word in your advertising for “Success In 10 Steps.” Use it when you talk to your leads. Pound, pound, pound on “frustrated.” That word is worth its weight in gold.

Things change over time. It may not always be this way. But it definitely is true now. MLMers are frustrated, and they want answers now. Use that knowledge when you advertise to them and when you talk with them.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
Big MLM Secrets