Another “Success In 10 Steps” Success Story

Stories are what make network marketing so much fun. I’ve been invited to be a guest speaker at our company Convention in a few weeks, and it will be easy. Over the years, I’ve written down the stories that have happened around me in this business. In my talk at Convention, I’ll be stringing together 25 of these stores, as quickly as I can get through them. They are good stories, and I believe those in the audience will be inspired.

In that spirit, here is a great story about “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy:

Jumpin’ Justin Draws Some Circles

Stories like this – and there are a ton of them now – help illustrate what makes “Success In 10 Steps” such an incredibly effective network marketing tool.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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How To Create The Best MLM Ads

Back in October of 1990, I spent a week working for copywriting legend Gary Halbert, writing sales pieces for his clients who attended his $7,500 “Seminar by the Sea” in Key West, FL. It was probably the most incredibly mentally stimulating week of my life.

It was also the most incredibly embarrassing week of my life. But if you want to know more about that, you’ll need to read “Shortheads.”

Shortheads is the tool I used to create the Table of Contents for “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy. I used Shortheads to create the title “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie”, which became far-and-away the single most effective promotion in MLM history (over one-quarter BILLION audiotapes sold).

I created this tool 18 years ago, and I still use it today anytime I’m working on a project that needs a headline, title, subheads, impact sentences, etc. It’s what copywriters call a swipe file, and it is really good.

Anyway, I offer it to you at no charge. Chances are, you’ll download it and look it over and then it’ll sit on your hard drive, never used. (Do I know you or what?)


Fact is, this file could make you a lot of money. I encourage you to download it and use it whenever you are writing anything you want to work.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
Success In 10 Steps

How To Write Effective Ads To Generate MLM Leads

Take a look at the index for the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook by Michael Dlouhy. You will see 93 – count ’em! – 93 bullets under the 10 chapter headings.

The purpose of every one of these bullets is to give you an idea for the first sentence of a classified ad designed to get the reader to download the ebook. Every single bullet has some element in it that might arouse a prospect’s curiousity – and YOU have the ability to make these bullets even more effective.

When you advertise your ebook to get leads, go over the Index. Read all the bullet points and see if one or two really grab your attention. Jot down a short list of keywords – e.g., leads, prospects, extra income, money from home, etc. – and read down the list of Index bullets.

What NEW ideas do you come up with for headlines or classified ads? What nugget can you get out there that would really get someone’s attention and draw them in?

I’ve never seen any other book or ebook in network marketing written like this … to include all these possible ad wording ideas for you. You are certainly free to come up with your own ads. But as you play around with the “Success In 10 Steps” index, you might discover a real winner that rivets people’s attention and gets you the ebook downloads you want.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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Your Best MLM Business Prospects

When you look to find new business partners in a cold market, you should ONLY ever focus on people actively looking to make money from home. It is a waste of your time to pursue anybody who has not recently demonstrated that desire.

OK. Let’s divide “people who want to make money from home” into 2 categories:

  1. Those who have experience in MLM.
  2. Those who don’t.

For a lot of reasons, the “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy ebook is targeted to group #1. The book addresses their specific frustrations. This is a group you do not have to explain MLM to … they already understand the concept. (And sometimes, the idea of and the reason for seeking “residual income” isn’t that easy for people to get.)

You could come up with a lot of other reasons, but the bottom line is that group #1 is just a lot more targeted. And there are millions of names in that group. It’s just a matter of finding the ones who are looking NOW for the right opportunity, and offering them a free copy of your ebook.

So you want to target current network marketers with this ebook. You are NOT targeting

  • entrepreneurs
  • work-at-home moms
  • business executives
  • investors
  • coaches
  • home business people
  • etc., etc., etc.

Now … some of the MLMers you target will fall into one or more of these categories, and that is great. BUT you want to advertise to them ONLY if they have experience in MLM.


Because “Success In 10 Steps” is written for them. If they don’t already understand MLM, reading this ebook is a waste of their time and yours.

I know you must have a question about this. What is it? Please post a comment below.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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MLM Frustration Is The Secret to YOUR Success

One of the great advertising innovations that has come with the internet is Google Adwords. Adwords allows you to quickly get results from an ad, often in just a few hours’ time. Then you can run a second ad against your first ad, and compare results. Then you choose the better performer and run it against a new ad. Repeat this process over and over, and you consistently get better results. This is the absolute ideal for any advertiser who understands the game. It means you can be constantly improving.

Before Adwords, this process only worked offline and it took months. Adwords really cuts the time.

A lot of people find phrases and keywords that are much more effective than they ever dreamed by using this process. One very effective MLM keyword may not be a surprise, but it definitely gets people to act. And that word is:


A big reason for the effectiveness of “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy is THAT keyword. The ebook answers the questions of frustrated network marketers … who REALLY want their questions answered. It’s eating away at them, why they just haven’t made it big. They are so darned … FRUSTRATED!!!!

I recommend you use that word in your advertising for “Success In 10 Steps.” Use it when you talk to your leads. Pound, pound, pound on “frustrated.” That word is worth its weight in gold.

Things change over time. It may not always be this way. But it definitely is true now. MLMers are frustrated, and they want answers now. Use that knowledge when you advertise to them and when you talk with them.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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Up To Your Elbows In Diamonds

It may sound strange, but it’s very, very difficult to find actual, honest-to-goodness duplication in network marketing. Most of the time, duplication goes exactly 1 level down. Why? Because the system being used is not duplicatable. People think it will be, but the proof is in the pudding. Usually, it just does not work.

Using the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook by Michael Dlouhy in our team, Michael sponsored Don. Don sponsored Paula. Paula sponsored Judi. Judi sponsored Sarah. Sarah sponsored Marilyn. They all sponsored a lot of other people too, using the ebook, but you should focus on THIS amazing leg for 1 important reason: they all made Diamond, a very high achievement (and well-rewarded and recognized) level in our company!

I’ve been in a lot of MLM companies over the years. I started in 1976. My buddy Michael Dlouhy started a couple years later, so we have a lot of experience between us. And yet, neither of us has ever seen duplication anything like this.

If you truly want to build a successful MLM business with ANY company, I feel pretty safe in saying you won’t find a better system to use. And that probably includes the rest of your life after today, too. Considering past performance of other systems, I doubt anybody will ever come up with a better system.

Most people who start in network marketing do not have a system that duplicates. Chances of success in that situation are pretty close to zero. “Success In 10 Steps” can make all the difference in your mlm future.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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“Success In 10 Steps” – Almost A Marketing Mistake

Did you know there’s no saltwater in saltwater taffy?

Taffy has actually been around for nearly 1000 years, which is pretty amazing. In Atlantic City, back in the 1880s, a lot of shops sprang up when they first put up the boardwalk. One guy sold several things in his shop, including taffy.

One day, the ocean arrived and inundated his shop. After the water receded, he surveyed the damage. Lots of stuff was ruined. But the taffy tasted fine. In a moment of marketing genius, he decided to call it “saltwater taffy.”

A lot of great marketing can happen by accident. The “Success In 10 Steps” ebook by Michael Dlouhy, so popular to so many MLMers now, was originally titled “The 10 Biggest MLM Marketing Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them.”

Many of the ideas were the same as in the final book, but the big focus was different. As Michael & I talked about the book, I realized that the focus really needed to change. The 10 biggest MLM marketing mistakes was a good idea, but not for THIS book. So the title became “Success In 10 Steps.”

Aren’t you glad? That other much longer title would be much more of a challenge to get into your ads.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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“Success In 10 Steps”: Looking In The Mirror

I saw a painting years ago that really made me think. In the foreground, size of the painting, was the back of a man. Slightly smaller was a mirror, where you could see his front view. So he’s looking at himself in the mirror. And behind that front view in that mirror, you could see another mirror … with, of course, the back view. And in that mirror, you could see another mirror, and so forth. It was fascinating to figure out that painting.

Reminds me a lot of the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook by Michael Dlouhy. Joe reads about how the ebook has the answers to his MLM frustrations, and he downloads it. He reads it, and then Joe wants to talk to you about what he’s read. Sometimes, Joe just writes out his “WHY”, as suggested in book, and he emails it to you. That is always pretty amazing and indicates a very strong prospect.

And when you talk with Joe to answer his questions, you explain that the most effective way for Joe to do network marketing is to advertise the ebook in places where frustrated MLMers are likely to see the ad. They’ll be intrigued, they’ll download the ebook, and they’ll call Joe. Some will email him their “WHY.” And this is very real to Joe, because it’s just like looking in the mirror. He knows it works exactly as you just explained, because that is exactly what HE did!

In MLM, what you’ll value more than anything else is real duplication. That makes anything possible. And the “Success In 10 Steps” ebook gives you the best tool ever to get duplication, because the prospect you are talking to realizes they are looking in the mirror.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
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“Success In 10 Steps” Gets Results!

The timeless MLM ebook “Success In 10 Steps” by my business partner & friend Michael Dlouhy has been out nearly 4 years now, and it has changed thousands of lives.

The book has had over 100,000 downloads. The information is based on relationship principles and marketing principles, so it will always be true. But the REAL success of “Success In 10 Steps” is that hundreds of network marketers are now using the ebook itself to generate a constant stream of leads and build themselves a profitable network marketing business. That is what we’ll talk about in this blog.

Success In 10 Steps FREE download

Download it. Read it. Michael Dlouhy & I will work with you, your team, and your recruits to make “Success In 10 Steps” the foundation of an effective network marketing lead generation system to grow your business and income bigger every week.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis