Your Best MLM Business Prospects

When you look to find new business partners in a cold market, you should ONLY ever focus on people actively looking to make money from home. It is a waste of your time to pursue anybody who has not recently demonstrated that desire.

OK. Let’s divide “people who want to make money from home” into 2 categories:

  1. Those who have experience in MLM.
  2. Those who don’t.

For a lot of reasons, the “Success In 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy ebook is targeted to group #1. The book addresses their specific frustrations. This is a group you do not have to explain MLM to … they already understand the concept. (And sometimes, the idea of and the reason for seeking “residual income” isn’t that easy for people to get.)

You could come up with a lot of other reasons, but the bottom line is that group #1 is just a lot more targeted. And there are millions of names in that group. It’s just a matter of finding the ones who are looking NOW for the right opportunity, and offering them a free copy of your ebook.

So you want to target current network marketers with this ebook. You are NOT targeting

  • entrepreneurs
  • work-at-home moms
  • business executives
  • investors
  • coaches
  • home business people
  • etc., etc., etc.

Now … some of the MLMers you target will fall into one or more of these categories, and that is great. BUT you want to advertise to them ONLY if they have experience in MLM.


Because “Success In 10 Steps” is written for them. If they don’t already understand MLM, reading this ebook is a waste of their time and yours.

I know you must have a question about this. What is it? Please post a comment below.

I appreciate you!

Richard Dennis
Big MLM Secrets!