“Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!”


If that “heavy hitter guru” you’re talking to looks at all like this buckaroo, you may want to re-think the opportunity.

At the end the first chapter of Success In 10 Steps, you’ll read the story of Michael Dlouhy going to the lady’s ranch in Texas. She invited a number of MLM leaders to her ranch to talk about her new MLM company and get feedback from people on her ideas. She wanted their advice.

What happened was, virtually all of them saw an opportunity to benefit themselves. It became about them, not her. Certainly, again, greed & ego reared their ugly heads.

One of the beautiful features of network marketing is a commission structure designed to reward people who help others become successful. That is terrific. However … in MLM, as in any other business, a lot of people will put a lot more focus on their own personal gain than they do in yours. And there’s nothing particularly wrong with that. It’s pretty much human nature to do what is in your own self-interest. That’s how life works.

However … when you are willing to damage someone else in order to satisfy your own greed, that is a totally different story. Ethical people will not do that. It’s important for your success that you choose people in your life who scrupulously avoid hurting others in their dealings.

And this story Michael tells about his Texas visit features a bunch of people who were not THAT scrupulous group of people. It’s a very worthwhile point to make with your prospects, again and again and again. It resonates with them.

Richard Dennis

3 thoughts on ““Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!””

  1. Richard

    Your description of a Heavy Hitter, reminds me alot of the nature of our politicians. Granted there are some who actually are working to make things better for the common man. But the big focus seems to be how much can I get ut of this next deal we create, and then who can we blame it all on.

    Thanks for the great insight into the dark side of upline manipulation.

    Gary McElwain

  2. Also… I think this is the importance of properly implementing, or searching for Systems & Technology that can benefit the common marketer. Systems & Technology, duplication w/personalization especially, will give the marketer of less experience a 'more level' playing field. This is also why it's important, when building a commission based business, to do your due diligence and find that sustainable business building opportunity that allows for actual and true teamwork – and this is why I Am in favor of working with forced matrices, and Not uni-levels… -Ken

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